Lentils soup again

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This is another tasty lentils soup perfect for cold weather.

½ lb of lentils

6 cups of chicken broth

2 tbsp of olive oil

1 onion chopped

2-celery stalk diced

2 carrots diced

3 tomatoes diced

2 sprigs of thyme

2 sprigs of rosemary

2 tsp of cumin

1 bay leaf


In a saucepan, cook the lentils with 4 cups of chicken broth for 30 minutes or more.

In another saucepan, sauté the onion, carrots, and celery. Add the tomatoes and 2 cups of chicken broth. Add the spices (thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, cumin). Cook for 20 minutes.

Pour over the lentils and their broth.

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